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How Covid Is Impacting Supply

Paramount to any smooth construction project is timing. Recently, you may have asked “Why are the lead times so long?” or “Why has this finish been unavailable for months?” Well, although essential, the construction industry was not spared by the coronavirus. Just like almost any other sector of public life, the impact has been heavy: […]

What Countertop Is Right For You

Every kitchen has at least one countertop, and it hugely influences style, feel, functionality, maintenance, and budget. Such an essential piece deserves special consideration, but with a wide variety of materials and finishes available, getting a thorough overview can be challenging. Here are some commonly used countertops explained, so you can make an educated choice […]

How Different Light Affects Your Interior Colors

When you are building or remodeling your home, the color palette is one of the most important things to consider. You may have heard about how different colors affect your mood, and have carefully selected interior paint colors, tiles, and accessories to match your spirit and create a color scheme you love. However, before you […]

Banquette Seating in the Kitchen – Informal Dining and Design Opportunity

In a world focused on maximizing efficiency, many new homes do not have a formal dining room anymore. Often, people consume small meals and snacks on the go or right at the kitchen countertop. However, even if you determine that you have no need for a full-blown dining room, a dedicated seating arrangement can be […]

Backsplash Inspiration – Kitchen Wall Ideas

There is no better way for a subtle feature to make a huge impact than the backsplash. Integral to the ambiance, it can set the mood of the whole kitchen, create a focal point, showcase outrageous designs, or simply function as a custom, up-to-task utility. Versatile as it is, there are various factors to be […]

5 Easy Home Improvement Projects for Summer!

Summer is finally here! What generally means its time for endless beach days, exciting travels and cozy campfires, happens to also be the best time to build. Even if you do not have any urgent improvements on your mind, owning a house means there is always a little project waiting to be done. Keep busy […]

Beach House

It’s heating up, the sky is blue and the beaches are starting to fill up – Summer is finally arriving! If you spent as much time at home this spring as me, you probably can’t wait to get out and get a tan, catch a wave, or craft the perfect s’more around a bonfire. No […]

We are here for you!

These are strange days. As events get cancelled, businesses shut down and reduce hours, and families confined to their homes, many of us wonder just how long this is going to last. While we don’t have that answer, we would like to reassure you that Zieba Builders is still here to assist you during these […]

Aging in place

Once you have found your forever home, you don’t want to move out ever again, and most of us would prefer not having to remodel our house as seniors either. The easy solution is: Think ahead! The concept of aging in place means, that while building or remodeling your house, you keep the future in […]

Three Things to Take On a Lonely Kitchen Island

It is one of the most requested features, only has been gaining popularity and can be the star of the kitchen: The island. But once the coveted extra countertop is there, what can be done with it? Is it just extra workspace, a counter to eat snacks off, or an elaborate way to showcase fancy […]