Why Design-Build is the right choice for your project!

Nov 15,20 Tom Piplack
Why Design-Build is the right choice for your project!

The first question presenting itself when thinking about a construction or remodel project is also one of the most important: How to make it happen. Generally, there are two main routes: Traditionally, you would hire a designer and/or architect to plan your project with you, then contact various contractors to bid on it, and eventually hire a firm to simply build what has been planned before. Or, alternatively, there is the Master Builder approach, also called Design-Build: In this process, design and construction are handled by the same specialized company – it is your all-in-one solution for your project! Here is what sets Design-Build apart:

Seamless process

The design-build route guarantees a seamless realization of your vision. Since you directly communicate your plans to in-house designers, who are part of the exact same team as the craftsmen actually building it, the entire process is streamlined. Established communications and routines mean all steps — from procuring the materials, over efficiently timing the schedule, all the way to keeping the project consistent with the original vision — are diligently organized and hassle-free. 

Timely completion

There are numerous points during planning and construction where time can get lost. Delays getting the necessary permits, the bidding process, adaptation to the realities in the field, or long delivery times due to late ordering of necessary materials are just some of the pitfalls of the traditional process when it comes to time. In design-build, since one company takes care of the project in its entirety, it is possible to maximize scheduling efficiency, which in turn means saving valuable time and completing your project lightning fast!

Immersive involvement

If you have a specific vision in mind, and want to be closely involved in the process, there is no better way to realize your dreams than design-build: Hiring one company from start to finish means access to consulting with professionals at every step of the process. The owner only has to convey their vision to one team and is in full control of the project!

Budget efficiency

Naturally, by using existing synergies and established networks, design-build firms can typically offer attractive prices for the whole project. Compared to the traditional process, with its patchwork of different firms and contractors, design-build operates more efficiently, resulting in average savings of 5-10%!

Easy communication

This benefit of design-build is obvious: You will have a dedicated team responsible for your project from beginning until completion, so there is no need to call multiple entities to get needed information. All data about your project is accessible via your one, dedicated design-build firm with established contacts you can access quickly and easily!

Unparalleled Expertise

Design-build companies have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of construction, meaning they are well aware of any pitfalls during the entire process. Hiring a design-build company gives you peace of mind, since you can rest assured knowing diligent professionals are completing your project. 

Collaborative teamwork

Unfortunately, the world of design can be a shark tank. Overinflated egos and competing interests can sometime get in the way of productive results. Choosing the design-build path eliminates this concern, and also guarantees that you remain in control over the process at all times.

Smooth continuity

By the time you start reaching out to professionals, you may already have an intricate vison in mind, or you could be hoping for inspiration and feasibility considerations during planning. Either way, in the traditional process, you will have to convey your ideas to multiple people from sometimes starkly different backgrounds, and at varying stages of the project – all while hoping that they truly get your vision, which is essential to a successful endeavor. In design-build, you consult directly with only one company responsible, ensuring that the final results are cohesive and in line with your dream!

The design-build process offers numerous advantages over the traditional bidding path: Your project is more likely to be on time, cost-efficient, and cohesive, and you will not only remain in full control of your project at all times, be able to communicate quickly and easily, but also not have to worry about many of the more stressful aspects of construction! To learn more about the process and how we apply it at Zieba Builders, check out information on our website or give us a call at 562 439 5294!



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