Go Big AND Go Home — Three Ways to Expand Your House, and Which One Is Right for You!

Dec 01,20 Tom Piplack
Go Big AND Go Home — Three Ways to Expand Your House, and Which One Is Right for You!

Have you ever thought about adding squarefootage to your home? Maybe you love where you live, but have outgrown your house? Or you want to create a luxurious retreat with all the amenities you have ever dreamt of, right here in your very own backyard? Perhaps you live in a high-demand housing market and are keen to generate reliable passive income? There are numerous reasons why one would want to expand the living area on their property. Luckily, there is a variety of methods of how to achieve this goal as well! We will go over the three most common options to enlarge habitation space and increase the value of your home!

  • Master Suite Addition


The most straightforward way to expand your house is a master suite addition. Generally consisting of a bedroom with adjacent spa-like bathroom and access to a private patio or the yard, this kind of room addition is ideal to create a luxurious and tranquil retreat. A master suite addition is great for growing families, to create a peaceful oasis of calm in the middle of busy family life. Since it is built to seamlessly integrate into the existing house, a master suite requires some structural alterations – the process includes excavating and expanding the foundation, along with additional plumbing and electrical work, as well as widening heating, cooling, and alarm systems. It should also be noted that, while increasing your indoor living space, a master suite addition will decrease your yard size.

  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)


Commonly known as “granny flat,” the ADU is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to enlarge their dwelling. An ADU is a fully independent living facility on the lot of an existing home. While they can be fully autonomous structures or attached to the existing home, ADUs are most commonly built on top of a garage. First and foremost, accessory dwelling units’ huge appeal lies in their independence. Since they form fully functional flats, it is easy to rent them out or provide an opportunity for family members to move in. There are even homeowners who are moving out of their house into the newly-built ADU and rent out the main building to maximize income! Additionally, since you are able to build an ADU on top of your already existing garage, this extra squarefootage does not take away from your yard, and is a highly efficient use of space. However, being essentially a miniature version of a regular house, initial costs and ongoing maintenance are higher than a room addition. There are also various regulations concerning zoning permits which differ from city to city!

  • Second Story Addition


Adding an extra floor to your house may seem a little drastic, but this option is also the most effective. If your circumstances have changed since you bought the house, and you need significantly more space than you have available, but do not want to move, a second (or third) story addition is your solution. This method enables you to practically double your living space in one project. The best part? Although it may seem counterintuitive, adding an extra level is usually the best value! There is no need for excavating or building a foundation (although you most certainly need to get its ability to carry the extra weight checked before you build,) and you can even keep your roof. Yes, you read that right, it may be possible to remove the literal roof above your head and replace it once framing is done, should you desire to do that. Keep in mind that inserting a new floor into your house is absolutely a huge project, but you also get significantly more living space. This is an amazing option for rapidly growing families who love their neighborhood, hypersocial individuals who enjoy consistently entertaining immense numbers of guests, connoisseurs of extremely large houses, or generally people who require a much greater number of rooms than their home can currently offer them. 

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