5 Important Design Trends 2021

Dec 25,20 Tom Piplack
5 Important Design Trends 2021

This year was some start to the twenties, huh? 2020 is almost over, and most of us probably cannot wait for that to happen. If you are tired of exclusively talking (or zooming) about Covid, lockdowns and politics, and would like to see some light at the end of the tunnel, look no further! Here are five important trends in design 2021!


Granny Chic


Nostalgia will play a big role going forward. Confined to their homes, people are looking to feel cozy, and long for simpler times. Additionally, it seems as though the design pendulum is swinging back to more traditionally influenced. Quirky, vintage and slightly kitschy themes and patterns are central to this style.

However, balance is key: While you want to be inspired by grandma’s cottage, the goal is not to make it look dated. Floral wallpaper, vintage upholstery, and nostalgic décor are core aspects of granny chic.


New Natural


Originally driven and popularized by home improvement shows, certain elements like barn doors and shiplap, as well as shabby chic staples such as wall signs are starting to go out of fashion. However, the broader idea of incorporating more natural and upcycled materials into your home has only just begun. Indoor gardens, houseplants, rattan accents, dried flowers, an increased focus on textures over colors, and liveable outdoor spaces with fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and cozy furniture like sofas are in!


Dedicated Home Office


A side effect of this crazy year, working from home has been normalized, and is expected to play a bigger role even after the pandemic is contained. While working out of your bed or from a kitchen counter was okay, and even kind of cool for the first few weeks, the novelty effect has worn off. Efficient work from home requires an organized and fully set up space. Since many homeowners did not plan for this, a new trend has sprung up: The cloffice.  A new word created by mixing closet and office, this is symbolic for creating functional work areas while maximizing underutilized corners of your house!


Green Cabinetry


Working for both your kitchen cabinetry and your bathroom vanity, green cabinetry is an intriguing trend in 2021. Especially when playfully combined with interesting natural textures, this can be a game changer! Also, you thought the hideous avocado bathrooms of the 70s made green bathrooms a taboo? Think again! The overall trend to more glamorous, almost living-room-like baths meets a newfound love for the natury vibes of green – and the results are stunning! Think myrtle paint, jade tiles, or fern cabinetry, contrasted with modern appliances and accented by asparagus or tea green decorations. 


Cozy Vibes


Cold greys, blues, and the ever-popular sterile white have been dominating interior design for years. This is going to change! Part of the general zeitgeist, and integral attribute of trends like granny chic and natural themes, the color palette will shift more towards warm shades and playful patterns. Don’t be afraid to play with textures, wallpaper is making a comeback (Check out peel-and-stick wallpaper for a no-commitment option!) and custom tiles are all the scream. Follow your feels and create a sanctuary full of subdued and pastel colors!

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