Top 13 Interior Design Trends In 2024

Feb 13,24 Jennifer Miller
Top 13 Interior Design Trends In 2024

The big reveal is here! The top interior design trends in 2024! The most popular colors, textures, and ambiance have been predicted.

By Jennifer Miller   Published: February 13, 2024

The new year is here and as always there are interior design trends in 2024. Some trends have stood the test of time, such as the use of wallpaper and bold colors. While others are new on the interior design trending scene, like woodgrain millwork and the mixing of metal finishes. Whether you are considering a full remodel or just want to refresh your living space, you will surely find some inspiration in the list we have put together. Below are our top 13 interior design trends in 2024.

Top 13 Interior Design Trends In 2024

Kitchen Remodel in a Historic Home in Bluff Park, Long Beach, CA

First, let’s talk about metals and finishes! This can be metals in finish hardware like           knobs and pulls, lighting fixtures, and plumbing hardware.


  1.  Brass Accents

In 2024, it is expected that brass accents will continue to rise in popularity. Brass gives off a timeless and classic appeal that creates a feel of sophistication in both modern and traditional spaces making it a very versatile choice. Brass accents also generate an appealing contrast when used with wood and marble.


  1.  Mixed Finishes

For many years the trend has been to use only one type of finish throughout a home. But this concept has passed. Interior design trends in 2024 show us this is simply not true. Many homeowners are choosing to mix metal finishes. Metals are selected based on the feel of the room trying to be achieved rather than making everything match. Chrome, steel, and aluminum are suddenly everywhere. Many prefer the richness of a brushed finish, giving their space a more luxurious look and feel.

Kitchen Remodel in a Historic Home in Bluff Park, Long Beach, CA

Time to light up our space! Lighting design trends are fun to follow. A lighting fixture change can really change the look and feel of a space.


3.  Bold Lighting

There has been a huge push of new and exciting lighting trends in 2024. Think BIG for lighting fixtures especially above dining tables and in entry ways. When it comes to can lights and lighting used to illuminate an art wall or statement pieces, the trend has switched to the use of smaller size options. Regarding color and finishes, silver and chrome are making a comeback, edging out black matte which has been the go-to for many years. All of these changes allow a client to use their imagination and show their personality when making lighting choices.


4.  Organic Lighting

Lighting design trends in 2024 include organic lighting options. Fixtures that use natural materials have gained in popularity. Organic lighting fixtures usually add great texture and therefore depth to a space, and when coupled with lighting hardware, the softness of the glow can create a wonderfully, soothing environment.

What about the top interior design trends in 2024 that affect the overall feel of a home? I am glad you asked, let’s take a look!


5.  Woodgrain Millwork

In 2024, more and more clients want to show off their wood millwork. Rich woods like walnut, maple, and mahogany are what clients are choosing again and again. Wainscotting is also making a comeback. Both of these options provide classic elegance to a home. We at Zieba Builders specialize in remodeling Historic Homes and have the wonderful pleasure of working on a lot of craftsman style woodwork. The results are timeless and add such richness to our clients’ homes.

Award Winning Master Suite in a Whole Home Remodel

6.  Relaxed Luxury

Top interiors design trends in 2024 are letting go of the over-the-top designs of yesteryear. Now it’s all about adding little touches that give a space a fancy feeling without compromising the overall feeling of a room or home. We see this shift when our clients are choosing plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and where they choose to use wallpaper such as in a powder bath. These subtle changes can really create a space of tasteful sophistication.


7.  Wallpaper Galore

In 2024 the wallpaper craze is in full effect! These days there are so many colors and textures to choose from, there is sure to be a style that suits your fancy.  Wallpaper adds so much personality to a space. It can be used on an accent wall, above wainscotting, as a border, or in the entire room. If you wantto add more character to a room, add some wallpaper, it’s that easy. To read more about the Pros of Wallpaper, please use the link provided.

Beautiful Wallpaper in a gorgeous bathroom that was part of a whole home remodel in Long Beach, CA

8.  All Eyes on Tiles

Statement tiles from wall to floor are very popular and are sure to be a top interior design trend in 2024. The use of oversized, large tiles with a texture are on the rise. Unexpected layouts, and unique tiles with a dramatic look add a sense of absolute magnificence and personality to a kitchen or bathroom. Using an accent tile or statement tile can be utilized in a shower, on the walls, as a backsplash, or even as flooring. So many possibilities to let your creativity flow.


9.  Maximalist Design

In 2024, the days of minimalism have passed for some. People are really embracing making their homes feel like a sanctuary that is filled with their favorite treasures and looks. Personality and uniqueness are key for a lot of people as they embrace creating their own style in their home. Every design choice speaks volumes about a person’s character and likes. People want to look around their home and smile as they see their treasures and remember a life well lived. For more details on this lifestyle please read Maximalist Design and Move Over Minimalism.

Maximalist Master Suite, Long Beach, CA

10.  Bold Accents

In 2024, going big and playful is definitely trending. This includes chunky and fun accents like quirky décor, oversized vases, and unique furniture pieces. These delightful touches add playfulness to a space without giving up the sophistication. What a great way to show your personality! Make sure when you are working with larger pieces to also add in smaller accents to give balance to your space.

Craftsman Remodel in a Historic Home, Bluff Park, Long Beach, CA

11.  Historic Contemporary

You read that correctly, historic contemporary. Yes, it is possible to have a home look and feel historic and contemporary at the same time. Both rather than one or the other. Isn’t that exciting? You can have a classic look with a fresh, updated twist. Now clients with timeless homes can embrace having a contemporary, functional living experience without giving up the historic feel they value so much.


12.  Separate Dining Areas

For quite a few years now, most clients have wanted to open up their living space and give it a great room kind of feeling. But the open-concept living is becoming less desirable. People want more intimate spaces and separation; this includes dining rooms. In 2024, clients are in favor of blocking direct access to their busy and sometimes messy kitchen, allowing them to create a beautiful, elegantly designed dining space to enjoy with family and friends. This is reminiscent of the nostalgic dining experiences of the past.


13.  Inspired by Nature

Designs inspired by nature are one of the top interior design trends in 2024. Many clients love the idea of bringing the outside in. This nature inspired designing includes using Earthy tones, beautiful greenery, and eco-friendly materials to create a harmonic living space. Our well-being is top of mind these days so if we can improve and enhance our connection with nature we will undoubtedly feel more at ease. Many of us also feel a call to live more sustainably which is thankfully gaining popularity as well. Including nature inspired designs also enhances a sense of responsibility to our environment and our planet. So, it is win-win!


In closing, authenticity, character, and personality are becoming an important part of interior design – and will stick around beyond the top interior design trends in 2024. Finally, clients feel free to express themselves as individuals rather than going along with a narrow-minded set of trends. This is obvious when reading all the top interior design trends in 2024 because there is something for everyone. A design style that will surely appeal to any client.


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