Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024

Mar 13,24 Jennifer Miller
Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024

Are you ready to explore the Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024? The Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024 have been predicted and wow is there a huge assortment of options!

By: Jennifer Miller   Published: 03/12/2024

Some shades such as rich neutrals will never go out of style. The Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024 covers the full spectrum and offers something for everyone.


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1. Pure Classic Colors

Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024 include the classical colors of beige and ivory, but with a twist. These timeless tones now offer modern textures and bold accents. This look offers classic elegance with a contemporary, fresh feel. The timeless charm offered by these hues creates a beautiful, sophisticated look. In 2024 beige and ivory will be making a big comeback!


2. Warm Earthy Tones

Warm Earthy tones are definitely on the list of Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024. The richness of these beautiful colors creates a grounded feeling and is so inviting. Rich brown tones adding a suaveness to any home will be in the spotlight. Earth tones also include nature-inspired hues such as terracotta, earthy greens, mustard yellows, and neutral sandy beiges which will all add depth and warmth.


3. Light and Dark Mauve is Mauvelous!

Yes, mauve, you read that correctly! Mauves have made their way back on the design scene and has earned its place on the list of Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024. Dark Mauves can be seen as happy and bold but also neutral. Mauve is the color of decadence. Shades of mauve give off a feeling of quirkiness, femininity, and purity. It can also bring an antique look to life in a very calm way.


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4. In Comes Green

Green is such a special color with its warmth, depth, and its natural undercurrent. It has to be included on the list of Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024. Emerald green is extremely popular because it is such a rich color without being too bright. Calming green shades are reawakening because of their soothing and calming effects. Green pastels, such as mint green, sage green, and watercress will make a comeback.


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5. Deep Blue

Deep blue is such a luxurious color that feels polished and modern. Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024 includes a deep blue or moody blue, that is not as deep of a color as in past years, but a more medium tone. With this lighter tone a room can feel luxurious without feeling like a cave. Colors such as navy blue, teals, and deep aquamarine, and medium to dark colors in the blue-green family will be all the rage in 2024.


Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024

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6. Vibrant Colors

I am on board for the revival of bright, bold colors! Interior design color trends of 2024 take a vibrant turn, celebrating individuality and creativity through a rich tapestry of colors. These bold and vivacious shades inject an unapologetic sense of fun and energy into interiors, creating spaces that radiate positivity. I love to see the colors choices move from neutrals to vibrant colors for some people. This allows some people to express their inner joy through the use of color in their home. Bright colors can really energize a space and can be a fabulous way to show your personality in your home.


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7. Muted Tones

Muted tones are quickly replacing the neutral colors of the past. Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024 are apparent with people choosing a more relaxed palette. Colors like dusty rose pink, light rust, olive, light coral, and buttery yellow are becoming more and more popular. People really love the calming effect these colors can have on their space. This is also a great way for a person to add some color without going all in. If you are new to using more color, then muted tones can be an excellent way to dip your toes in the color palette.


8. Retro Colors

Retro colors are having a moment, and I am here for it! Reminiscent of yesteryear, retro colors provide a warm, vintage feel to modern interiors, for this reason, the Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024 must include this option. Mustard, pale peach, brownish oranges, and olive are to be included on the list of Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024. These tones offer a nostalgic feeling but can still be used with a contemporary space. These shades are also popular when creating a Bohemian look as well.


With so many options and styles available there is certainly something for everyone to choose from in the list of Interior Design Colors Trending in 2024. When choosing colors remember to consider the lighting in the space, your furniture choices, and the mood and style you are trying to accomplish. Lighter colors like creamy white, muted pastels, and silvery grey help to make an interior seem larger and brighter. Darker shades like warm reds, moody blues, and deep purples create a space that is bold and give the feeling of coziness and an intimate atmosphere. It is important to use your favorite colors and individual style, this will enable you to create a space that shows your personality and that you will enjoy. Sometimes it can feel daunting to try new colors, but it’s good to step outside of your comfort zones at time and experiment with color.



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