How To Choose a Kitchen Hood

Jun 24,24 Jennifer Miller
How To Choose a Kitchen Hood

In 2024, having an unforgettable Kitchen Hood is a must have!  A stylish Kitchen Hood not only serves a necessary purpose by keeping your kitchen air clean, removing odors and smoke, and removing polluted air, but also adds a flair of personality to your space and creates a kitchen centerpiece that will turn heads.


Kitchen with stove built into island, kitchen hood above. Palos Verdes, CA

Kitchen remodel done by Zieba Builders. Palos Verdes, CA


Kitchen Hood Style

With a variety of materials, shapes, and finishes to choose from, you can easily find a daring kitchen hood that matches your kitchen’s aesthetic and makes a bold statement. Whether it’s a sleek stainless-steel design, a rustic wooden hood, a pop of color to brighten up your cooking area, a copper hood that exudes a rustic warmth, or a contemporary tempered glass range hood these hoods turn kitchens into trendy, beautiful spaces. Hoods can be recessed, built-in, over your island, against a wall, and under a cabinet. There are so many options!


Kitchen remodel with a big island and beautiful kitchen hood. Zieba Builders, Long Beach, CA

Kitchen remodel done by Zieba Builders, Long Beach, CA


Kitchen Range Hood Practicality

Let’s get practical for a moment. Choosing a kitchen hood is not only about appearance. Kitchen hoods improve air quality, help remove excess heat from your cooking space, help to keep your kitchen smelling fresh, enable easier clean up, and can provide additional lighting over your cooking space. Think about the types of filters used and their maintenance required, fan speeds, airflow, exhaust timers, and thermostat control when making your decision. Take all of these factors into consideration when choosing the best kitchen range hood for your needs.


Beautiful kitchen remodel with moody blue cabinets on the large island and a modern, sleek kitchen hood.

Kitchen remodeled by Zieba Builders. Huntington Beach, CA


Kitchen Hood Benefits

Quality and benefits matter when choosing a kitchen hood. The investment will pay off in many ways. A trustworthy kitchen hood will help preserve the longevity of your other kitchen appliances and interior space. A kitchen range hood will trap grease and other residues produced by cooking. This grease can stick to your cabinets and drip down to your floors, causing damage and extra time spent cleaning. Also, less buildup in your kitchen will cut down on the potential of growing bacteria or attracting unwanted pests due to residue, grease, leftover debris, and dirt.


Bright white kitchen with gold accents and a hidden kitchen hood.

Kitchen remodeled by Zieba Builders. Bluff Park, Long Beach, CA


Kitchen Hood Health Benefits

You cannot put a price on healthy air and the well-being of your home and family that having a quality kitchen hood will provide. Kitchen range hoods improve the air quality of your kitchen and your entire house. The kitchen range hood sucks up the polluted air and filters it with a ductless model or is carried to the exterior with a ducted model. As the air is extracted, it removes pollutants and freshens the air. Therefore, by using your kitchen range hood on a regular basis, you can purify the air and ventilate your kitchen for a healthier home. Clean air leads to better health.


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Soapstone Counters, a butcher block island top, and a beautiful kitchen range hood.

Kitchen remodeled by Zieba Builders. Long Beach, CA


Kitchen Range Hood Investment

Lastly, choosing a high quality, stylish kitchen hood is a great investment. The kitchen range hood you choose will make a difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. Real Estate experts are reporting that if you are trying to sell your home or improve the value of your house, modern appliances which include your kitchen hood, add major resale value.


Kitchen with white cabinets and kitchen range hood to match, island has deep blue cabinets.

Remodeled by Zieba Builders. Long Beach, CA


Kitchen Hood Design

At Zieba Builders we take very seriously the design and installation of the kitchen hoods for our clients. Custom kitchen hoods are a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchens we design and build. Every consideration is thought out when designing and choosing the range hood, so our client’s kitchen is stylish, practical, and safe. All of the photos in this blog are kitchens we have designed and built. We would love to design and build your luxury, custom kitchen remodel. Contact Zieba Builders to get started bringing your dream kitchen to life.





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