Trending Maximalist Design

Oct 25,23 Jennifer Miller
Trending Maximalist Design


Trending Maximalist Designing

Minimalist design has been trending for years, but there is a new style trending in 2023. Say hello to more self-expression with modern maximalism! This lively yet structured home décor trend creates vignettes of collectibles and meaningful objects. Furniture will also take on statement forms. That said, layering is key. Creating a harmonious setting by grouping complementing shapes and colors is important.



The Philosophy Behind Maximalism

Maximalist design style is the more is better philosophy. You have heard of less is more, in this case more, is well, more! This design style often blends an eclectic mix of patterns, colors, textures, and objects. Maximalist design is a bold approach that embraces a more vibrant and eclectic take on design featuring patterns, colors, and textures that generate more of your personality to show through in your home.

Maximalist design goes beyond just filling a room with lots of stuff. In this day and age, having more is less for the sake of showing prosperity, but rather as way for a homeowner to express their likes, loves, and their personality. Our desire to live in a more personalized space with our favorite treasures is brought to life with the Maximalist design style.



The Possibilities of Maximalism are Endless

This design style includes unique shapes especially when it comes to furniture. Spaces with multiple patterns all unified with a common color or color scheme, with layering to unite the various colors and patterns. Rooms with a significant impact piece, wall mural, or oversized light fixture.

Maximalist design is not for everyone, but it is a creative and fun way to add personality to your home. By adding bold colors, textures, layering patterns, and using statement pieces you can create an area that is visually marvelous and full of life. In order to keep from overwhelming the space and maintain a sense of cohesion, remember to balance the different elements.


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