Why Are Home Improvements So Expensive

Apr 22,22 Joe Zieba
Why Are Home Improvements So Expensive

Inflation is on the rise all around us – wherever we go, we can’t seem to escape it. From the grocery store to the gas pump and hitting home with renovations, we can’t seem to ignore that prices are rising everywhere.

Homeowners across the country have the same question – why are home improvements so expensive? This article will tackle this hot topic as we explain how you can help keep costs down when looking at home renovations.


Choose Products Before Work Begins

Making home improvements always sounds like fun until the work begins, then it can be a bit hectic. But, as a homeowner, one of the best ways to go into an extensive renovation project is by choosing your products and features before any of the work begins.

Stepping into your projects with this leg up helps you cut costs and stick to a more defined schedule.


Keep Changes to a Minimum

As much as you want to select all of your home’s features and products before the renovations begin, you also need to keep your changes to a minimum. While any contractor will tell you this element is crucial, it is especially so in a time like now with supply issues and price trends the way they have been trending.

Here are a few reasons why remodelers have concerns with changes to your projects.


Higher Costs

When you choose a product before your work begins and then change it later on, you will inevitably be increasing your costs. Any product or design altered after the team has started work will cost the homeowner more, which is never a position the remodeling team wants to be in.

Delays Projects

Changing your products or features will cost you more and end up delaying your project. Especially in an environment like today with such monumental supply concerns, even small changes can cause significant delays.


Throws off Schedule

Delaying a project is one thing, but many homeowners don’t realize that small changes can also wreak havoc on your entire remodel schedule. Even things that may seem like a simple change are likely not to be, throwing the whole project off course. 

Don’t forget that remodel schedules often fall victim to the timeline of inspectors. When you make changes, you’ll have to call inspectors out once again, delaying the whole process at their will.


Understand the State of the Supply Chain

While today, it’s looking like much of the backlog of last year’s supply chain concern has caught up with demand, it’s not uncommon to still see issues with specific products today. There are still some issues with getting products from overseas for months.

Keeping that in mind, it’s essential to have patience if you’re looking to remodel your home. Understand the current state of the supply chain and work with your team.


Costs Are on the Rise

Inflation is no joke, even in the world of construction. For us, this means increased costs on products used in residential construction. As we continue to see significant increases year over year and even month to month, we can anticipate seeing these increases steady throughout the rest of this year, at minimum.

BEcause costs continue to rise, choosing your products ahead of time becomes even more critical than ever. Lock in your expenses, without changes, ahead of time to avoid paying higher, unnecessary fees.


Trust the Experts at Zieba Builders

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