What’s hot in 2020? Trends of the new decade!

Feb 01,20 Tom Piplack
What’s hot in 2020? Trends of the new decade!

Even a century later, the (literal) rise of skyscrapers, futuristic exuberance of Art Deco or the
minimalist modernity of Bauhaus are some of the first things we think of when remembering
the 1920s. These architectural and design trends defined and helped shape a generation and
remain influential to this day! Now that we are officially living in the twenties, it’s time to look
at what is hot and which trends will influence this new decade!

1. Natural themes

Natural Theme

The twenties will be the decade of reconnecting with nature. With societal trends pointing
towards a more ecological and sustainable mindset, expect to see more natural materials
like wood and natural stone, and rustic, outdoor-inspired designs. Also, not only are house
plants coming back, prints and patterns influenced by floral and leaf structures are also
expected to feature in twenties design!

2. Bold Colors

Bold Colors

After a preference for minimalism, clean white, and subdued color schemes in the teens, be
ready to spice things up in the new decade! 2020 is here, and it brings the tendency
towards bolder, more saturated shades, as in Color Blocking with its unconventional
colorways. Another instance is the move away from plain, white kitchens: For example,
two-tone and navy kitchen islands, cabinets or accessories were already starting to be in
style in the late 2010s, and they’re really going to take off now!

3. Unique décor

Since the trend is a clear move away from minimalism, it is expected that the twenties will
see an uptick in carefully curated artwork, handmade accessories and unique rugs and
furniture. Additionally, don’t be afraid to use bold geometric shapes! Art deco inspired
patterns (“neo deco”) are starting to replace the humble and minimalist designs of the last
The twenties shape up to be a decade of art, uniqueness and courage to be bold. If you think
it’s time to start your journey into the future and make your new year’s resolution of changing
your environment come true, schedule your free Zieba design consultation now at 562-439-


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