What HGTV and Reality Design Shows Are Not Telling You

Oct 15,21 Jennifer Miller
What HGTV and Reality Design Shows Are Not Telling You

Who doesn’t love a good home improvement show? They are an excellent way to get inspired and begin developing new design concepts for your own home:

The one thing we tend to forget about, though, is that just like all other “reality” television shows, things aren’t always what they appear for those looking to buy a home or even remodel. Watching these shows can be somewhat misleading.

Thankfully, at Zieba Builders, we’re here to debunk some of these myths. Here are some of the things that HGTV and reality design shows are not telling you.


That’s Showbiz, Baby:

When you watch the Real Housewives or any other “reality” show, you have to remember that what you’re watching is only a glimpse of reality. The same goes for these reality design shows. While it’s nice to believe that you’re watching a story that you can live vicariously through, it’s not always a true story.

Great television has unbeatable storylines, and while we’d like to believe what we see in these home improvement shows is all facts, we must be reminded that sometimes it is fiction. Having this in the back of our minds helps us in our own projects and have more realistic expectations.


Things Aren’t Always as Easy as They Are on TV:

One particular scenario that HGTV and other reality design shows are good at oversimplifying is flipping a house. With countless shows on the topic, including “Flip It to Win It” or “Flip or Flop,” both on HGTV, it’s no surprise that investors believe there is money to be made in flipping houses.

While undoubtedly there are profits, it’s not always the case. Even more so, the process of flipping a house is not as easy as it looks on TV. Some of these shows might encourage investors to pick up cheap houses when that’s not always a great investment. The bottom line is if you’re interested in flipping a home, there’s a ton of homework that comes along with it if you want to be sure to get your money’s worth.


TV Fast-Forwards Time:

While you sit and watch a 30 or even 60-minute show, it’s easy to believe that things like purchasing a home can be done quickly. For anyone that’s gone through the process, though, buying a home of your own can take anywhere from 30 to 60 DAYS. These shows neglect to show the burdensome stacks of paperwork, the background checks, the request for statements, etc.

In addition to fast-forwarding the home purchasing process, TVs also tend to speed up renovation schedules. On-screen, you might see a handful of workers trying to get a big project done in a few days, but what you’re not seeing is an entire crew of 30 working around the clock. And, as much as we’d like renovations to happen quickly in our own homes, it just creates unrealistic expectations.


Laughable Renovation Budgets:

All good reality design shows have a homeowner with a laundry list of must-haves for their remodel and a super tight budget. Yet, against all odds, the team can complete the remodel of their dreams within budget.

Big television networks can often partner up with companies to get free supplies and discounted rates in exchange for free publicity. On an individual scale, you’re not likely to be able to seek out these perks, and so these budgets become entirely unattainable.


Work with the Pros at Zieba Builders:

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If you’re interested in finding out more, let the professionals at Zieba Builders lend a hand. We’ll walk you through every step of the way with full transparency, so you’re never left wondering why your process doesn’t look like the shows on TV.

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