Three Things to Take On a Lonely Kitchen Island

Feb 20,20 Tom Piplack
Three Things to Take On a Lonely Kitchen Island

It is one of the most requested features, only has been gaining popularity and can be the star of the kitchen: The island. But once the coveted extra countertop is there, what can be done with it? Is it just extra workspace, a counter to eat snacks off, or an elaborate way to showcase fancy fruit baskets? The answer is yes, it is all that, but it can also be so much more. One of the most versatile and customizable parts of the kitchen, the island is where you can personalize your kitchen most. Here is some inspiration as to what a kitchen island can do!

Add a sink
Add a sink

Just like a pot filler right by the stove is not essential, yet makes your life a lot easier, an additional sink on the island can elevate your kitchen experience to the next level. A kitchen island naturally offers a spacious, accessible and free-flowing workstation to prepare delicious meals. Now, if you must walk back and forth to your sink every single time you wash a vegetable to cook, or even just grab an apple from the obligatory fruit basket, it can get annoying really fast. Thanks to your thoughtfully installed island sink, it becomes a whole lot more convenient. Not only that, a decorative sink with shiny faucet certainly adds an interesting focal point to the social center of your kitchen. 

Move the range
Move the Range

Tired of facing the backsplash when you cook? It can make you feel somewhat caged in working in that little cut out space between backsplash, hood, and cabinets, so here is your way to liberate yourself: Move the range to the island! Now you have all the space you need, and it can be exciting to face the open when cooking! Unleash the gourmet chef inside you and claim back your kingdom.

Hide appliances
Hide Appliances

You can have the most beautiful tiles, most noble cabinetry and most elegant hardwood floor, if your kitchen looks cluttered and full, it certainly takes away from the effect. An island can be the solution to your problems: Install a smart appliance garage, seamlessly hide way the dishwasher or microwave in the island’s cabinetry, or simply utilize the extra stowaway room you have there to store lesser used appliances, freeing up valuable space in the more prominent — and more frequently used — cabinets along the backsplash.

Make a statement
Make a statement with your kitchen

Kitchen islands are an eye-catching addition to any kitchen. So go crazy! Dark blue accents in the kitchen are screaming hot right now, so this is your chance to shine!

No matter why you want an island, it is a great choice. Versatile, stylish and completely customizable, they offer you a real opportunity to make your kitchen fit your needs. If you need more information about islands, kitchens and all the rest, do not hesitate to contact us at (562) 439-5294!


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