Saving Money on your Home Addition

Apr 23,12 Karen Zieba
Saving Money on your Home Addition

A BIG NAME TILE COMPANY, with gorgeous showrooms and full-page ads in Architectural Digest, had a tile my client loved for her Moroccan inspired home addition.  The tile captured the essence of the Moorish architecture with colors and shapes used elsewhere in the home’s addition.  We could see why she loved it.

The sticking point was the sticker price:  The cost for this tile was over $20.00 a piece for a 4×4 tile.  More than four times her initial tile budget.

But was it worth the added expense?  How could we marry her budget to her dreams?

SOLUTION:  After some exhaustive research, we found several alternatives — including this one at one of my favorite (and secret) spots for less than $3 a piece.  Sure, there are subtle differences — cobalt blue vs. lapis, butter vs. oro. Subtleties we think we can live with.

The “Alternative”

I admit this one was almost too easy.  However, because we took the time to do some legwork, we saved the client more than $1,900 on this single line item.

BOTTOM LINE:  We care about your budget, and we will go the extra mile to make it happen.  If you have a design challenge for your remodel or home addition that has you stumped, give us a call, anytime.


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