Pets Are People Too – Incorporating Home Design for Fur Babies

Sep 27,22 Joe Zieba
Pets Are People Too – Incorporating Home Design for Fur Babies

Pets are people too. We welcome them into our homes, and they quickly fill a void we never knew existed. They become a part of our families the day we bring them into our homes.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that homeowners today are finding ways of incorporating home design for fur babies.

Check out some of these design tips for pets to see if it might be time to make an addition to your home.

Design Tips for Pet Owners

Any pet owner will tell you that styling your home around your furry friend can be challenging. Many of the items needed to care for your pet are often less than design friendly. That’s why it might be worth looking into designing something of your own.

Double Duty Pet Furniture

If your furry friend needs a space of their own, how about adding a built-in Doggie Condo? 

You can design the condo space as artistically as you like, but either way, you know your furry friend will be safe in a space that he or she loves.

Consider Built-In Feeding Drawers

Everybody’s got to eat – including your furry friends! But, having pet bowls out can really dampen the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Instead of leaving bowls out, consider adding in a built-in feeding drawer under your cabinets. These low-level shelves are a perfect height for your pets and won’t take away from any highly sought-after storage space in the kitchen.

Be Mindful of Your Fabrics

Whether your animals have free reign of your home or only certain areas, you want to be mindful of the fabrics you choose. Thankfully, you can find highly durable materials for just about everything these days.

For example, if you want to have an area rug but are worried about pet accidents, consider incorporating a washable area rug in heavy traffic areas.

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