Long Beach Architecture Week 2022

Jun 18,22 Joe Zieba
Long Beach Architecture Week 2022

Long Beach Architecture Week has made their comeback this year, and we were there for it! A weeklong series of events, speakers, and tours, LB Architecture Week brings our community together to learn more about the city we all love.

First up in tours we had the Miner R. Smith Bungalow Tour. This walking tour through Belmont Heights showcases these “bungalow mansions” designed by famed architect, Miner R. Smith. He drew inspiration from both Victorian architecture, as well as the Arts & Crafts style to create 23 of these distinguishable, “California Bungalows” in Long Beach.

Next up, we took part in the T.H.U.M.S. Island Boat Tour. Starting downtown at Studio One Eleven was a presentation given by LBAW Executive Director, Dr. Brian Trimble in preparation of our boat ride over to White Island. There, we learned the history of drilling in Long Beach, and how these four islands came to be. Being forced into oil production, Long Beach was able to add a “beautification clause” to maintain the cities view off our coast. Not only were the landscaping, architectural sculptures, and water features used to mask the machinery, but it was also meant for sound abatement. Their main goal in designing was to represent what the shoreline of Long Beach looks like, palm trees and high rises. This meant that at night, the lighting was very important to also replicate our city lights. This tour is an amazing opportunity to learn and visit the islands we spend so much time looking at from the coast.

Lastly, we headed to the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Pacific Visions Theater to hear from LBAW Keynote speaker Architect Doris Sung. Her innovated way of incorporating a thermobimetal into high rises to adapt to its environment will only prove more important as climate change continues. You can see some of her installations at CSULB as well as South Coast Botanical Gardens in nearby Palos Verdes.


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