KBIS 2022

Apr 07,22 Joe Zieba
KBIS 2022

Venturing out to Orlando, Florida, during the height of the winter surge of Covid could only mean one thing…KBIS is back!  With masks and sanitizer in hand, we took on the 3-day trade show our industry relies on to show us everything new and exciting in the kitchen and bath world.

Here’s what KBIS 2022 taught us what upcoming trends to anticipate.


1. Integration in All Forms

Whether it be integrated cook-top surfaces or panel-ready appliances, integration was everywhere and with a more elevated look. KBIS showed us that integration is not limited to contemporary looks; integration works with any and all styles.

2. Wellness

From self-cleaning toilets to anti-bacterial surfaces, obviously, this is the year where wellness was brought to the forefront. Hands-free and voice-activated technology has become the norm for upcoming plumbing fixtures, while bidets are having their moment after a toilet paper crisis rocked our worlds just recently.

3. Smart Appliances

Just when you think your home couldn’t get any smarter, bring on the app-based appliances!  Microwaves can sync to your Ring doorbell or stoves that you control with your smartphone. The technology is only becoming more available and easier to use.

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