How to Create Harmony with Color

Sep 01,16 Karen Zieba
How to Create Harmony with Color

The colors that surround us in a room play a huge part in our mood and perception. The right colors can make us feel calm and balanced, or eager and uneasy if you are not careful!  To create a sense of balance and harmony in your home, you want to be sure the paint colors of each room flow and set the right mood. You want everyone to walk in and immediately get a sense of what balance and “home” means to you. Continue reading for tips on balancing colors in your house.


  • To create flow, use lighter and darker shades of the same color throughout the home. The similar colors will create a smooth transition from room to room.


  • Look at existing furnishings like decorative rugs and pillows for color combinations and inspirations. The matching color palette will create harmony throughout the room.


  • Neutrals, greens, and blues are the best for bedrooms and living rooms. These are the areas in your home where a calm mood is a key to helping you sleep and relax.


  • An all neutral pallet is beautiful and sophisticated. To balance the room, add different textures like soft rugs, rough throws, or metallic furniture.


  • Test new paint colors on different walls- the color will look different next to natural lighting versus artificial lighting. Once the room is finished, you won’t be surprised by how the colors look throughout the room.


  • Analogous colors, which are next to each other on the color wheel, create a sense of calm and togetherness.


  • Complementary colors, which are those across from each other on the color wheel, will create balance and harmony in a room. Combinations like blue and orange or red and green are great for an exciting, high drama room like the dining room or kitchen.


The key to a happy and comfortable home is a balanced color palette. Use these tips the next time you decide to change up a room in your house. To get started on your next big home improvement project, call Zieba Builders Inc. today at 562-439-5294.



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