How To Achieve Minimal Mindfulness In Your Interior Design

May 25,19 Karen Zieba
How To Achieve Minimal Mindfulness In Your Interior Design

Your home is your sanctuary, and when you return to it, you want to unwind and remove yourself from the chaos of the outside world.

Mindful decor represents a conscious lifestyle that is focused on wellness. Mindful decor is minimalist, as it focuses on the essentials and cuts out the excess.

Let’s look at some simple ways you can achieve a mindful decor in the home.

Clear the clutter. Look at the interior of the home. Determine what doesn’t need to be there. Often we crowd our home with unnecessary details that disrupt the energy and flow of the home.

Integrate natural materials. Materials like wood are great when you want to achieve a mindful, minimalist decor. Wood is reminiscent of nature, and it introduces a very calming vibe to the home.

Add plants to provide a pop of green. Adding plants and aromatic herbs like rosemary can also augment that raw feeling of nature, and can provide a splash of color to the home. We don’t recommend overdoing it, but having just enough can be the perfect way to complement the home.

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