Home Tech Tip: August Smart Lock

May 29,14 Karen Zieba
Home Tech Tip: August Smart Lock

Zieba Builders’ Home Tech Tip:  The August “Smart Lock”

How many people have keys to your home?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could grant access to your family, house cleaners, house sitter, or visitors without giving them an actual key?  Smart locks, technology that allows homeowners to open doors remotely using wireless technology, allow you to do just that.  The August Smart Lock is a newcomer to the market, scheduled to roll-out in the fall of 2014.  It works on a Bluetooth platform which allows it to have a much sleeker design than conventional smart locks.  A great item to add to your next whole house remodel or anytime you’d like a little more piece of mind.

How does this new technology work?

  • EASY TO INSTALL – The battery operated August Smart Lock is installed into your existing single-cylinder deadbolt hole.  Installation takes approximately 10 minutes, and all you need is a screwdriver.
  • EASY TO USE – The lock works in concert with either a conventional key or through your smart phone using Bluetooth technology. Even if your smart phone is in your pocket, the system senses your approach and unlocks the door.  Phone battery dead?  Use a friend’s, login, and unlock.  Or, if the going gets really tough, use the key.
  • EASY TO MANAGE – You can issue access to whomever you choose, whenever you choose, and change access at any time.  For example, if you have a house cleaner who comes on Wednesdays from noon to five you can grant access on Wednesday for those hours only if you wish.  Don’t need housecleaning that week?  Block access.

Is it safe?

With encrypted locking technology access to your home can be safer than issuing keys that can get lost.  You will know who has entered your house and when by accessing a log.  And, since it doesn’t require power, cable or Wi-fi it will always be “on”.

We love new home technology like this! If you are wondering how you can get one, visit the August website.


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