Eccentric minimalism – Transformation to a Functional Individual Masterpiece

Aug 02,19 Tom Piplack
Eccentric minimalism – Transformation to a Functional Individual Masterpiece

The kitchen is your home’s heart and soul. As such, it should match your very own individual spirit and reflect your personality; then again, it is supposed to be a highly functional space, and we know how it is, often there is limited space available and nobody likes a cluttered kitchen. That being said, having it tailored to your exact taste, reconciling style and efficiency while maintaining a spacious and practical design sounds difficult if not impossible, right? Wrong! Be inspired by this stunning transformation of an outdated cookie-cutter kitchen to an eccentric masterpiece!

When we first started work on this project, this was a dark, salmon-colored and past-its-prime room complete with bulky wooden cabinets and an oversized refrigerator, but no dishwasher. The clients, owners of a local bar who rarely ever cook at home, tasked us with not only tailoring their new kitchen exactly to their functional needs, but to make better use of the space available and design it according to their own unique taste. Moreover, the house is located in a historical district – Any remodel has to comply with strict ordinances concerning its exterior looks and structural integrity.

Here’s our solution: By replacing the heavy wooden cabinetry with lofty shelves, installing slender 30” countertops, and integrating the new, scaled-down appliances seamlessly into their surroundings, space is freed up, the kitchen gets a slick look and feels decluttered. Since our clients don’t cook quite that often, only minimalist amenities are needed to achieve maximum efficiency and expand the possibilities for design. The walls combine two types of tiles, including an all-American classic: The subway tile. Yet, arranged in a herringbone pattern, multicolored, and paired with eye-catching Malibu tile, they are anything but generic. Additionally, we used elegant and unpretentious Luxe cabinets and laid the floor tiles in a checkered, diner-style bicolor pattern. Rounding off this exclusive ensemble are quartz counters and chic metal doors and windows, made to look like polished wood to comply with historical district requirements. Let’s sneak a peek at the stunning result!

This kitchen truly is unique: Different designs blend together for an industrial-inspired, modern look. The stylish lighting and eccentric tile patterns draw the eye back upwards to help the kitchen appear more spacious, light and uncrowded; Intelligent and slick design increases functionality while incorporating the client’s individualistic style and undoubtedly transforms a dull and dreary, impractical kitchen into an out-of-the-box gem fit for its free-spirited owners! 

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