Digital Design-Build

Jul 11,20 Jennifer Miller
Digital Design-Build

Advances in technology have always been affecting business, as they become more prevalent. However, this year, and the challenges it presented, has resulted in a huge leap forward when it comes to digitalization and the incorporation of advanced tech in business. This development has not gone by the construction industry, and, while you may primarily associate it with manual labor and physically observable results and processes, nearly every step of the client experience now includes dealing with digital innovations – some of which were deemed impossible not too long ago. So you know what to expect, we will share some tricks of how to use tech most efficiently when researching, planning, commissioning and constructing your latest project!

Links into Real Life

Mixing “real life” with digital realities is increasingly common. This can range from digital links to information embedded in print material, to using Augmented Reality to visualize proposed remodels in their natural environment. Ignoring these trends would mean missing out on essential information, and diminish your resources to find your best fit. But worry not, it is super easy! For example, if you encounter a QR code, all you have to do is open the camera on your smartphone and move it over the code. Your phone will do the rest for you! 

Hover your smartphone’s camera over this code to reveal its secrets!

Already realistic renders may soon be refined with AR

The Importance of Social Media

While originally conceived as a new way to interact and stay in touch with friends and acquaintances, social media has drastically expanded over the last decade and is now deeply ingrained in every aspect of society. It has never been easier to access inspirational ideas, compare designers and contractors, and communicate quickly and directly with the people in charge. No need to collect magazine cutouts, wait on the phone, make time to visit showrooms, or rely on others’ promises: By using all the networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz or Nextdoor, you get the most complete picture ever and are in control right away!

Social media pages are increasingly important hubs for bundled access to information

Less Paperwork

Rapid advances in communication technology enable you to oversee the entire project from anywhere in the world! By centralizing billing, planning, communication, and progress reports into one resource, it has become much easier to stay in control of every facet of your remodeling experience. Bid farewell to having to dig up binders full of documents or waiting on the phone to catch the right person at the right time. Remember fax machines? They have already been wiped off the face of the modern business world, and we can already see most other types of paper communications rapidly approaching their expiration date as well.

Less stress, more control – wherever you are!

Technological advances and rapid digitalization can feel strange, especially in a “hands-on” field like construction. However, they are already drastically improving the client experience and will soon be absolutely essential for a successful remodeling venture. Using them to their full extent is fun and easy, and will almost certainly mean saving time, stress and ultimately money! However, while we are always staying on top of new developments, we too love the hands-on aspect of construction projects. That is why we are currently building our new showroom at our headquarters in the heart of Long Beach! To stay tuned and get on the list for the official inauguration, follow us on social media (@zieba_builders) and sign up for our newsletter now!


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