Beginner’s Guide to Marble

Nov 09,19 Tom Piplack
Beginner’s Guide to Marble

Since humans started to permanently settle down thousands of years ago, and construction became a thing, a wide variety of building materials have been used, evolved, and abandoned. One that stuck and gained popularity all around the world is marble. Loved for its aesthetically pleasing looks, and known as a symbol of luxury, marble is used for just about everything: Big slabs in ancient palaces, various types of tiles, kitchen countertops, trophy bases and much more. Most of us have an idea about what marble is, but when it comes to installation, the questions start popping up. Which color? What kind of veining? And most importantly, which type of marble? Come with me to explore the marvelous microcosm of marvel management!

There is an abundance of ways to classify marble. Accordingly, we can distinguish between over 50 different kinds! However, most of these are obscure, or can be considered subtypes. Therefore, let’s focus on the five varieties most used in contemporary home construction:

Carrara Marble

The most common (and cheapest) kind of marble there is. It is quarried in Tuscany, Italy, and is greyish white in appearance, with fine, grey veining. Ideal for keeping the budget in check while creating a noble and elegant ambiance.

Calacatta Marble

Although in a way closely related to Carrara (they are both mined in the same area,) it is also its opposite: Calacatta marble is generally the rarest and most expensive marble out there. It is white with thick, usually dark veining. Also found with gold veins, which makes this the best choice if going for an aristocratic design.

Emperador Marble

Emperador is a type of Spanish marble. Light to dark brown in color, it has white and grey veining in an asymmetrical pattern. If you enjoy gold and brass artifacts, this marble is for you!

Crema Marfil Marble

Hailing from Spain as well, Crema Marfil sports a beige, creamy color and uniform background. Its veining color is as irregular as its pattern, with tones ranging from subtle gold, over yellow and white, to cinnamon! This is one of the most desired types of marble, and is used for big projects as well as subdued details, both interiors and exteriors.

Levadia Black Marble

This one is also known as Titanium Black and is a black marble variety from Greece. The veining here is in a smoke pot pattern and greyish in color. Ideal for countertops and to balance the room when used in conjunction with lighter-colored marbles.

These are just a choice selection the more common types of marble, and there is certainly more variety for marble enthusiasts. But, no matter what you choose, marble is sure to enhance your living spaces and add a noble touch to your residence. For more details about marble or any other topics relating to home remodels in Long Beach, don’t hesitate to contact Zieba Builders at 562-439-5294!



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