Beauty in the Brass

Jul 26,19 Tom Piplack
Beauty in the Brass

Getting tired of your minimalist white kitchen? Want to pay homage to tradition while maintaining a clean, elegant and modern look? Well, you’re in luck: The hottest metal of the hour is a reinvented classic – brass. Trendy, yet timeless, and with a wide variety of options available, the possibilities are limitless. Better yet, no matter if white, grey or earthy and natural, just to name a few, brass fits almost any color scheme and may just be the little something you have been looking for in your new kitchen. However, there are a few matters to be aware of: The sheer diversity of brass types with sometimes drastically different properties can be overwhelming, and just like with any other trend, there is a risk of it looking outdated in the future if used wrongly. So, let’s explore brass and how to apply it tastefully while keeping your kitchen classy for years and years to come!

Brass comes in many different looks, feels and finishes. Here’s a quick overview of the common types:

Polished – The classic. Golden and shiny, it invokes a very traditional look.

Brushed – Its matte cousin. Brushed to dim the shine, but brushes are still reflective.

Weathered – Worn, used look and sturdy finish. Resists fingerprints and looks different.

Antique – Made to look aged. Saturated, dark color and soft, warm glow.

Satin – Similar to brushed brass, but not reflective. Smooth, elegant and warm.

Polished, Antique and Satin Brass varieties

One metal, many faces. Though they may have different finishes, what all types of brass have in common is their warmth and the potential to bring elegance and sophistication to your kitchen. Which one to use depends on the overall design you’re going for. Trendy, clean and modern? Satin brass is the metal of the hour. Going for more of a rustic or vintage-inspired look? Antique or weathered styles may be a better fit for you. Now that we know our brass basics, let’s discover how to make the most out of it.

Brass Basics: Ways to use Brass in Your Kitchen

  • Modest is Hottest
    o Think tasteful and moderate matte accentuation instead of over-the-top shiny
    golden everything. For example, cabinetry hardware and lighting fixtures are
    great ways to elegantly incorporate brass into your home, and certain
    combinations like white and gold are always in vogue.
  • Don’t be Afraid to Mix
    o Its versatility is a big plus here, as brass does not only mix well with most color
    schemes, it even looks terrific in combination with other metals, such as stainless
    steel and polished nickel! A kitchen with brass fixtures and stainless steel
    hardware, for example, can be beautiful.
  • Find Your Match
    o Not every brass fits every kitchen. Its effect is best, when used appropriately:
    Satin brass in modern rooms, Polished for a traditional look or use antique brass
    if you’re going with a vintage theme, just to name a few.

All in all, contrary to the stereotypical image many have, when the right type of brass is used the right way, it can add sophistication, class and elegance to your kitchen without going out of style.

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