Angelika Meyer Joins the NKBA

Jun 25,19 Karen Zieba
Angelika Meyer Joins the NKBA

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) welcomes Zieba Builders very own Angelika Meyer to the team, as the new secretary/treasurer.  

Angelika started at Zieba Builders in 2017 as office manager and operations bringing in her talents of client relations and human resources to the team.  Fellow Zieba Builders employee, Kelly Arballo NKBA Membership chair, knew Angelika would be an asset to the board bringing her talents and expertise.

Angelika grew up with a love for design and construction, watching her father remodel homes and attending open houses on the weekend.  She later went on to interior design school honing her creative skills. Since being actively involved in a residential design company she has been able to attend some networking events and lunch-and-learn events put on by the NKBA. It is a passion of hers to network with fellow peers and meet new people. While also seeing new products and showrooms and becoming more well rounded in all aspects. Angelika notes: “Being involved in an organization like the NKBA adds to my love of the profession while being able to network and connect with people throughout the industry.” 

Angelika has been involved in volunteer treasury opportunities since she was a child, being appointed the treasurer of the student body in 6th grade, treasurer of the California Scholastic Foundation in 7th to 8th grade, and student body treasurer for the school in 11th and 12th grades. She has always had a passion for numbers and accounting and felt that she could bring her strong financial background to the organization.


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