Aging in place

Mar 07,20 Tom Piplack
Aging in place

Once you have found your forever home, you don’t want to move out ever again, and most of us would prefer not having to remodel our house as seniors either. The easy solution is: Think ahead! The concept of aging in place means, that while building or remodeling your house, you keep the future in mind and make sure that it is accessible and easy to modify later. Not only will this prevent extensive and complicated renovations in the future, it ensures that you can live in your house as long as humanly possible, all while maintaining a cohesive look and feel. Studies have repeatedly shown the benefits of aging in your own four walls: You maintain independence, are happier and keep your well-known routine! Building a house with the future in mind is no doubt a great idea, but there are a few things to be aware of.  Here are some suggestions of what you can do today to prepare for tomorrow!

Walk-in showers

Walk in showers

The biggest risk for seniors in their own home is sustaining injuries by falling. One of the most straightforward ways to mitigate this risk is to install walk-in showers in your bathrooms instead of the common shower-tub setups. Not only does this prepare you to age in place, it is a convenient measure either way, and makes your shower feel more spacious. For times you really long for a hot bath, you can still install a separate bathtub. And, while you are remodeling, add some sort of rails or grips in the shower, and make sure the floor tile is slip-resistant.

Easy-access kitchens

Easy access kitchens

As we get older, we may have a harder time standing up for long periods of time. To make sure you can still cook and enjoy the heart of your home even at a high age, you can make little adjustments now, that will help you tremendously in the future. Install easy to reach drawers underneath the countertops, above the cabinets and chose a spacious floorplan. Also, think about adding a feature to sit on while cooking, for example a little desk with chair right in the kitchen.

Obstacle-free design

Obstacle free design

Generally, when you remodel your forever home, make sure that the floor plan is as open as possible. The older we get, the more we appreciate walking around the house with ease, without having to dodge obstacles every time we go get a snack from the fridge. Keep in mind that knocking down walls and reconfiguring your house’s layout is associated with extensive work and considerable cost, so probably not something you would want to deal with as a senior. Spacious design generally makes your home loom bigger and raises your quality of life, so it makes sense to plan ahead regardless!

As you can see, you can easily incorporate future-oriented features now, without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic pleasure. Don’t hesitate to set yourself up for tomorrow, future you is going to thank you! Contact Zieba Builders, your expert for aging in place in Palos Verdes, Long Beach and surroundings, now by calling (562) 439-5294!


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