Adding Tech To Your Home

Apr 16,19 Kelly Arballo
Adding Tech To Your Home

If you are considering remodeling your home or adding on to your home, now is the time
to think about utilizing smart technology to integrate into your home. If it is new
construction the devices can be hardwired (Centralized) vs. run off of Wifi (Localized)
which is a great solution if you are not opening up walls within your home. Building an
addition? A Hybrid system might be right for you. It can use the localized system in the
existing home and use a Centralized system in the remodeled area, which work in sync
with one other. Some examples of smart technology are: Thermostats, lighting, door
locks, speakers, shades, refrigerators, and washers and dryers to name a few. A few of
the benefits of adding smart technology to your home include:

Security: Lights can easily be accessed from your phone or tablet and or set to randomly
turn on, making it appear you are home.

Aesthetics: By reducing the amount of switch plates needed, it reduces clutter and
creates a clean modern surface.

Convenience: Turn on lights or open shades at the touch of a button or voice command.
Check on your home while you are away without having a friend to stop over to see if
you turned off the oven.

Energy Savings: Smart thermostats can lower the temperature while you are away and
lights can me dimmed when you step out of the room, lowering your energy consumption
and reducing that monthly bill.

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