3 Reasons Why a Design-Build Firm is the Way to Go

May 01,17 Karen Zieba
3 Reasons Why a Design-Build Firm is the Way to Go

When searching for a company suitable for your latest home remodeling project, you will find there are two common methods for getting the job done: design-bid-build and design-build. The difference between the two is simple. In the traditional design-bid-build method, the owner contracts separately with the contractor and the designer. Each entity performs separate work and communicates separately with the owner. Therefore, the owner becomes the middleman and is in charge of communicating between the two, settling discrepancies, and more. In a design-build contract, the owner hires a single entity to perform both the design and production duties. The flow of work is unified as the designer and contractor report in unison to the homeowner while working as a team. The In-House Designer is present throughout the entire project.

Here are three reasons why design-build produces superior results:

Responsibility falls into the hand of one

When a project is completed by a single entity, the source of responsibility is limited to one business. Because the team is unified, the design-build firm is solely responsible for ensuring that the clients’ needs are met. If a problem arises, the owner does not have to bounce back and forth between designer and contractor to resolve the issue. The owner has one go-to person to consult and hold accountable for the project results.

Saves money

Design-build is considerably less costly than design-bid-build. Because the design and construction process is integrated, cost-saving adjustments can be made quickly throughout the design and production process alike. The Building Smart Alliance found that wasted resource allocations account for up to 50% of the overall cost of a project. They also discovered that wasted materials, time on rework, etc. can be reduced by 30% by improving the processes that are used to deliver design and construction services. By creating a streamlined, simple, and (most importantly) unified process, waste is reduced, and money is saved.

Saves time

Time is saved with design-build. Problems can be avoided more easily or resolved faster with a unified team, thus reducing time spent on rework. Communication within a team is straightforward and completed in less time compared to design-bid-build situations. Since miscommunications are less frequent, reworks are less common, which saves everyone time and money. Also, the design and construction stages can overlap, which allows for speedier and more efficient work flow. The job will ultimately be completed sooner with less stress for the owner.

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